Kyoshiro: Satisfied.

As everything seemed to be going well I decided to move on. I walked outside the mansion and there was a bright light, leading on  into the afterlife. I took a cautious step, half afraid that I would be rejected.

But, I murdered thousands of innocent humans.

Then, a voice answered.

Do you forgive yourself?

I listened to this question and took it to heart. I truly began thinking of it's meladodical meaning. Do I forgive myself. That is a very good question. One that I have no answerd to because I have never wondered about forgiveness.

I walk around the mansion, the light gracefully following, and I decide to sing, hoping that would clear up my thoughts.

"La, la, da da. These past few weeks have been pretty fun, but I think you are not what I want."

Then, harmony, hearing my words seemed to recognize the song and sang along.

"But though you sweet voice lingers, I find myself taken away."

"The beauty and power, have truly amazed me."

"But now it's time to be moving on."

Then, our words blended, and harmonized to create not a duet, but a solo sung by two people.

"And even though, the clouds are grey, I will keep waiting for the next day. These days have grown cold and lonely, and though I smile I am sad inside. The feelings that I am feeling, are so beautiful, so wonderful. I guess this is what it's like, to love an angel."

Harmony and I then stopped, as Jay and Asha were looking at us. Then, much to my delight, Asha began to clap, and the whole mansion became a chorus of thunderous clapping for Harmony and I. Then, I lead Harmony outside, past the other people.

"Harmony, I want you to know that I have always loved you."

She began to blush, her cheeks made me reminice about roses on a spring morning.

"I've always loved you too Kyoshiro. I just thought that you didn't care."

Then her face fell, and her rosy cheeks fell to grey.

"I'm sorry, but I was afraid of hurting you, and in doing so I pushed you away."

She nodded.

"But, alas, it is time for me to experience the afterlife."

Harmony then, at these words, began to cry. And as a lone tear ran down her beautiful face, it was soon joined my more. Until I couldn't bear it any more.

"Stop, just promise me one thing."

She made an effort to talk without sobbing.


"Don't wait for me, love who you want to love, let the feelings of spring fill you with the courage of a lion, and the heart of a lover."

She nodded. Then, I walked to the light.

"I love you, Harmony."

I do forgive myself.

Then, the light swelled up, and swallowed me whole. And I found myself, in heaven.

The End

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