Asha: Dresses, Fights and Gifts

Aria and Harmony were congratualting us both, and I couldn'y stop smiling. Harmony even offered to make my dress, which of course I agreed to. I kept looking at the ring on my finger in wonder, and I saw a feirce happiness in Jay's eyes I had never seen there before, but I knew he could see in mine.

It was then we were reminded Kyoshiro (or 'ghost boy') was fighting on his own. The four of us went to help out, and we managed to kill all but one, who we took back to the Mansion for some questionning. Locking him up somewhere, Aria and Harmony found the others, to announce the news. I took Jay to one side for a moment.

"You do realise that you are going to have to put up with me forever now?" I said, only half-joking

"That's not long enough," Jay replied, not joking at all.

I couldn't help smiling at that.

"I have something for you," I pulled off a necklace that I had been wearing under my shirt, that I hadn't taken off since I had turned. It gleamed silver in the light, and on it, a men's sliver ring.

"I want you to have this," I said quietly. "It used to belong to my fiance, before Lee killed him. It means a lot to me."

I took Jay's hand but did not put the ring on yet.

"There's one more thing." I said "This ring will create a permanent link between our minds. I can project thoughts to you, and you can project them to me. It's not affected by distance or walls or anything except if you are about to die. We can't read each other's thoughts, but we can talk mentally, without anything interrupting it. If you put this ring on, the link will be created and will remain as long as you wear the ring as a symbol of love." I smiled again, and placed the ring in his open palm, closing his hand over it. "I want you to have this anyway, because it is a symbol of my love. I love you, Jay and I don't care who knows it."

Jay took a look at the ring. It had a pattern of Celtic symbols meaning love and eternity along the inside. Without any hesitation he put it on.

I love you Jay I said into his mind

I love you too Asha he said back, sounding a little stunned.

"Shall we go find the others?" I laughed, taking his hand.

He agreed, putting his arm around my waist as we met with the others in the kitchen, where we were deciding what to do with our 'guest'.

The End

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