Asha: A New Life.

I tired running from Harmony and Aria, but Aria got me in a hug. She told me not to go. Harmony said she didn't blame me.

"I...I don't" I stammered, through Aria's hug. She was crying, I noticed in shock. "Please don't cry Aria" I whispered.

"Don't go then!" she replied, smiling a little.

I didn't reply, since Jay came running down to us. I stepped away from Aria. He ran straight to me. Before I could speak, he was kissing me.

"I love you" I was crying but he didn't seem to mind

"Me too." he said, "And that is why I wanted to tell you something."He pulled out a small box, and I swear my heart stopped. The diamonds caught the moonlight, glittering in the sliver band. "Asha?"

"Oh. My. God." I said, feeling winded

"Will you marry me?"

I couldn't speak, I was so shocked. I loved him, I knew that.

"You should say yes."

A voice came to us on the wind. It sounded like Kyoshiro.

"Say yes, we both know that you love him." he said again.

I blushed, I couldn't help it. Then I looked Jay right in the eye.

"Yes" I smiled "Of course it's yes."

He slid the ring gently on my finger, and kissed me again. I didn't want to let go of him.

This is where I belong.

The End

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