Jay: 'Till Death Do Us Part. That Means Never.

I stood there, shock a frozen expression on my pale face. I looked down at the sword, and it felt right; like it was mine. I stared at the shiney steel that had killed many evil Vampires in the past, and saved God knows how many. I was greatful that the sword had saved Asha, but I also wished that Kyroshiro could come back for the sword. Though it felt like it was mine, it still felt like stealling from the dead. I turned to the window, finally able to move, and looked at Asha crying, talking to Harmony and Aria. Aria had Asha in a bear hug. I was there in a second. I stood behind Asha, waiting for her to turn around and see me. When she did, I didn't give her time to react to my presence; I kissed her.

"I love you." She sobbed. I smiled,

"Me too." I said. I moved my hand to my back pocket, "And that is why I wanted to tell you something." I pulled out the small box, and opened it. The diamonds in the engagment ring glittered beautifully. "Asha?"

"Oh. My. God." She said,

"Will you marry me?" I proposed.

The End

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