Harmony:not a chance

I saw Asha crying under Kyo's tree and as she moved into the shadows I realised she was trying to leave. Not a chance. She wasn't going to leave here, she has no reason to feel guilty, no-one blames her. And, as far as I'm concerned it's Lee's fault. I jumped from my balcony and ran towards her. "Asha!" I called "Stop running, Stop. No-one blames you, it was that other guy's fault. I f he hadn't taken the hint, if he hadn't been so stubborn then....bottom line Asha, your forgiven, it's all in the past"

I couldn't let Asha leave, she had Jay, love that strong can not be abandoned. Asha is one of the bravest vampires I have ever met and I'll bet even the shadow is sick of this lifestyle, the time for running is over.

The End

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