Kyoshiro: The ultimate sacrifice.

A single tear streamed down my face and Harmony blushed. Noone else seemed to be looking at me though. I ran quickly to be by Asha's side. She spoke to Jay, but I could tell she would die soon.

"Jay, when I die I want you to wield my sword, simply tell it that I have died and I have chosen you, it will accept you as it's new master."

Jay looked at me like I was insane.

"Asha, this will only hurt a bit."

Then, I grabbed my sword and thrusted it into Asha. Jay screamed at me but a powerful force field protected me. Then, I felt my life fading. Her allergies to the aspect of holy began to fade and I began to die. My skin began to crumble, turn to dust, and flow towards her filling her life.

Then, after five minuetes I no longer existed, Asha was completely healthy and no longer allergic to holy, and Jay now wielded my sword.

My end was peaceful.

The End

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