Sylvester: Who listens to the damned?

He was screaming. He didn’t stop. I looked on in horror – I was petrified actually. I had never experienced anything like this before, I mean, watched it from the outside. When Clara had died… when I killed her, I didn’t scream at her. I just calmly watched her fade away … she never looked more beautiful to me than she did in that moment. I was stunned to silence. But now the noise, it was everywhere. The falling tears, the gut wrenching sobbing coming from Jay, and the pounding of our dead hearts filled my ears. The only heart that wasn’t beating was hers.

I willed her to break free from the hold that the holy water had her under. I didn’t want her back because she was the only one here who seemed to know me, but I wanted her back for Jay. As much as I wanted Clara back for me.

Aria wasn’t crying. She looked on gravely, her eyes a deep, piercing black. I lightly brushed the back of my hand against hers to let her know I was there, and that I felt the same way, even if I couldn’t show it. She closed her eyes for a second, but otherwise didn’t react. After a while Jay took Asha in his arms again and left with her. We watched them go.

The jewel that stole souls was heavy in my inside coat pocket. Everything seemed designed to take life away, but there was nothing that could give life back. There was nothing to return life to the damned. Even if there was a God, he wouldn’t be listening to us.

The End

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