Cheshire: No Sympathy

The girl, I think Aria said her name was Asha, looked pretty dead. I mean it, she was just...dead looking. Didn't bother me, to be honest. As long as Aria was alive and well I was happy. But frankly having that Sylvester guy around is proving to be pretty amusing. He was thinking about something earlier. And my guess is, I planted those thoughts in his head. Well, I suggested them anyway. And all it took was a little kiss from Aria.

The blonde guy, who Aria only referred to as "cute", was screaming at the dead-looking girl. Shouting her name like it was going to bring her back. I'd make fun but that's exactly what I did when Sabrié was killed. And it's exactly what I'd do if Aria died. Everyone was crying. I felt like the odd one out. I put an arm round Aria, expecting her to be all waterworks and last goodbyes. But she was fine. She just stood there, a solemn look on her face as if she'd known all along that this was going to happen. I'd never been able to understand how she could shut out her emotions like that. But clearly, she didn't need comforting so I let my arm fall. The "cute" guy picked Asha up and carried her off to her room, most likely. We all watched him go with heavy hearts. Well, I didn't. I didn't exactly know her and her death didn't move me. Even though she was one of the good guys, it was still one less threat to the more innocent humans.

It wasn't til a while later that I heard it. It was weak and quiet but definately there. The small hiccup of a heartbeat.

The End

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