Asha: Still Alive

Faces flash in and out of focus. I hear someone screaming my name, over and over. I try to go to them, but a wall of burning blocks me. I flinch away, deeper into unconciousness. Images flash around me. My sword in the chest of someone I knew. A lot of blood. Being held in the arms of the one I love while 'Titanic' played. Facing a crowd feeling as though I was on trial. A group of people standing by me, and finally feeling as though I had a home.

Names started to join the faces now. Sylvester; the brooding presence, with secrets tearing him apart who had become a good friend. Aria; the sunny southern vampire who always made me feel a little better. Kyoshiro; confusing at times, but someone who I trusted more than I realised. Cheshire; the cat-vampire who was always with Aria, who hated Sylvester, but had protected Kyoshiro. Jay: the one I loved, more than life itself. The one who was screaming my name as though his life depended on it.

I could hear others crying now, and I drifted closer to the burning wall that separated me from them. I could feel arms around me, through the pain, and tears were falling on my cheeks that weren't mine. I ached to hold Jay, to tell him I was ok, but the burning wall kept forcing me back. The pain was too great to let me through. I couldn't work out why it was there. My memories were all jumbled, disconnected images that didn't make sense. I desparately sorted through them trying to find out how I had got here. A face sneered at me "You will die Asha". Lee... And it clicked, as though his name had been a key in the lock. Everything flooded back. The fight, the holy water. Jay screaming, taking me to the trees alone, then to the Mansion when the others came looking for us. The Hunters attacking. Projecting the pain of being poisoned to stop the Hunters. I guess it worked since I could hear others talking, crying, moving around. I wanted to be there with them, to help them and reassure them I was ok, but the burning wall of pain caused by the holy water stopped me. I wasn't strong enough to reach them, even beyond projecting my thoughts.

Jay called my name again, destolate this time. As though he had given up. I wanted to cry at him 'Don't give up! I'm here! I'm still alive!' I felt the arms slowly release me. 'NO!' I wanted to scream 'Don't let me go, please don't let me go!' I felt the softness of a bed, and heard brokenhearted sobbing. Someone still had my hand, slowly releasing it. I had to get to him before he let go. I went as close to the burning wall as I could stand. His hand was slipping. No no no no no no I thought desperately. I flinched from the burning again as I tried to break through. Only our fingertips were touching now. NO! I screamed and flung myself  at the wall. Somehow I broke through.

"Jay" I gasped, opening my eyes. I clutched his hand tightly. "It's ok.."

He wheeled around, tears streaking his face, in total shock


The End

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