Sylvester: The past called to say goodbye

“Aren’t you going to give him one?” I could kill that cat. He smirked at me and flicked his tail. What kind of vampire, especially a Pureblood descendent, has a tail anyway?

“Well, he's already got one outta me. If he wants another one he's gonna have to work for it.” Aria laughed and winked at me, and Cheshire shot me a challenging look. He knew I’d never act on anything so he was lording it over me… he purred and snuggled up to Aria.

I stood abruptly and took a long stride over to the sofa. Without hesitating I leant over the back of it and put my hands around Aria’s neck, lifting her face up to mine. I kissed her gently, and then drew back to see her glittering green eyes…

Just then the sound of glass smashing and the scent of blood filled the room. I snapped out of the daydream and saw Cheshire grabbing Aria’s hand and pulling her up off the sofa. She called for me to follow. “Sylvester – move!”

I got up from the step and shook my head, then ran outside with the two of them. The scene that met our eyes wiped all of the wasted thoughts of Aria from my mind. Asha was fighting with some other vampire – a new one. I pushed my way past Cheshire, Aria and Harmony to help but then out of the corner of my eye I saw Kyoshiro restraining Jay. Aria put a hand on my shoulder and shook her head. I stopped and watched as Asha was forced to the ground and the other vampire shoved something in her mouth – holy water, I could smell it from here. I turned to look at Jay again – he was screaming her name, and finally struggled free of Kyoshiro’s grasp. By the time he got to her the other vampire was dead… and she was motionless.

The End

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