Asha: Battling

I could feel my anger at Lee making me hit harder and faster than before. Unfortunately, Le had obviously trained with weapons and was for once matching me blow for blow. He was snarling at me, his sword coming fast, and each time I blocked him, it felt as though my bones rattled. I heard someone shout my name, and automatically, stupidly I turned.

Lee's sword slipped past my guard. His holy steel peirced my shoulder, just below the collarbone. I turned back, and he kicked me in the stomach. Winded, I fell, blood pouring down one arm. Le pinned me, and took a bottle from his pocket. He laughed cruelly and chocked me until he could force the contents down my throat. Instantly, an icy burning sensation spread through me, bringing a wave of pain.

"Holy water" Lee smirked. "I promised to kill you Asha. And yes, I told the Hunters about your little allergy." he bent closer, putting his mouth by my ear. " I knew they wouldn't be able to kill you, I just wanted to hurt you a little before we met again. You are going to die today. And there is nothing you can do to stop me."

I resisted the urge to scream in agony, as the holy water began to burn more violently. I was rapidly weakening, the poison acting fast, since I had been weakened by my exposure yesterday. Lee was still close, crushing my chest. I summoned as must strength as I could, and drove my sword up, catching Lee in the chest. I drove my sword in, aware that it had peirced his heart. Somehow, I was on my feet. Lee choked, shock etched into his features. I was dimly aware of the fact that tears were running down my cheek. I had once loved him. How had we been driven to this? Lee drove his sword in my direction, scratching me. I steeped back and he fell, lying still.

I stggered, crumpling on the grass. I screamed in agony then, the combined pain of the poisoning and the killing of Lee more painful than anything I had imagined. As much as I had hated Lee, a very small part of me still cared for him. And with him, my last link to my human life was gone. Another crushing wave of burning coursed through me and I screamed again. I was vaguely aware of someone calling out to me, but I oculdn't respond, drowning in the agony that the holy water was inflicting. It was worse than before, my injuries adding to the pain. In a flash of inspiration, I projected what I was feeling to the Hunters. As my conciousness faded, I was rewarded with screams.

At least I did something useful in the end. At least the others will be safe.

When the next wave of pain hit me, It took me under. My last concious impression was someone holding me, crying my name over and over. I wanted to tell them it was ok, but my strength deserted me, and I faded to nothing.

The End

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