Jay: Next Time, I'll Help.

I stared at Asha and Lee, fighting. I wanted to go over there, and kill Lee; to save Asha. But Kiryoshi restrained me.

"No, Jay. Let Asha handle this." He said. I growled, and tried to break free of his hold, but it was too strong. I didn't want to 'let her handle this'! I couldn't watch her pinned to the ground by another Vampire. I tried harder to resist the grip, but that wasn't working.

"If you had to choose between a normal Vampire, or the Shadow to fight Lee, who would you choose?" Kyroshiro tried to reason with me.

" If I had to choose?" I growled, "If I had to choose between me, and my girlfriend, I'd choose me." I said.

"That's not what I asked." He replied. I tried to shake out of his grip, but he only held on tighter. Asha had got Lee pinned down by now.

The End

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