Harmony: In formation.shock

We all lined up in the loby and were each assigned a job by Kyoshiro, I ofcourse would try to put as many in a trance as possible and due to my built up emotions I'd have no trouble reducing them to crumbling wrecks. Kyoshiro seemed hesitant around me, I just looked away from him, never adressing him by his name. I knew it would hurt too much. Then a stanger appeared and Asha lunged at him. I looked in amazement as the fight began. No-one interupted, in fear of hurting Asha I imagine. Another enemy? well, by Asha's expression I could see this guy wouldn't live through the next 5 minutes. I stepped back to give them room, and unknowingly stood by Kyoshiro.

I watched their fight, my eyes never leaving their perfect forms

"Leave me alone Lee!"

Her oponant, 'Lee' responded with a lunge at her neck but Asha saw his movements, I could tell this guy wouldn't leave the vampire mansion until he was non-existant.

In one movement Lee had Asha pinned and Kyoshiro restrained another male vampire "No Jay, let Asha handle this"

Asha moved with blinding speed and something told me this had been her plan all along, she flipped Lee to the ground and held her position. I waited for her verdict. Would Lee survive? I didn't know anymore, Despite Asha being the shadow I sensed she was sick of murder just as much as everyone in vampire mansion. Everyone held their breath all focussing on Asha.

The End

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