Asha: Lee? There's Hunters Out There!

I took a deep breath, more to clam myself down than anything.

"How much of that did you hear?" I asked Jay, buying a little time.

"All of it. You had a fiance. Lee killed him. Lee is obssesed with you. You let him go." He looked angry and hurt.

"There's not much more to tell," I replied. "Lee was my boyfriend when I was human. We broke up the night I was attacked but he defended me. I thought he had been killed. Not long after, I fell in love with another vampire, who was a sort of mentor to me. He loved me aswell, depsite what others said about him being ruthless and cruel, and a womaniser. He was faithful. Lee, who had been turned the same night, was mad with jealousy. He found out and began slaking us basically. He kept trying to take me away from him, but when we announced our engagement, he was furious. He killed a family and had my fiance blamed for it, planting evidence. My fiance was executed. It was only after Lee came forward. Because he was so rich by then, he bought his way out of it. It was then I started to hate the Council. But it was after I was banished I became the Shadow. Lee wasn't content with taking my fiance. He wanted me. So when I refused him, he orchestrated my exile, bribing the Council, and convincing others. Lee has followed me since, always trying to win me over. When that fails again and again he tries to force me, but becuase of all the fighting I did as the Shadow, he has never managed to hurt me like that. So he tries to ruin my life, wherever I try to settle. Now he knows about here, he will be back." I paused.

"He will be after you Jay, if he ever finds out about us. He will want to kill you."

I didn't give Jay time to respond, as I heard Kyoshiro summoning us to the hall. I stood away from Jay, not sure what to do or say now he knew. He was hurt, I could see that, but I had to focus on getting through this battle alive. Although, somehow, that seemed like a less appealing idea when I knew Jay would probably not forgive me this time. I loved him, but that probably wouldn't be enough now. And that was why I couldn't stop a tear rolling down my cheek as we went to make our stand. Iknew I had probably lost him this time. Then I saw Lee approaching again. My anger flared and I ran to him. This time, we were both armed.

The End

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