Kyoshiro: Morning.

The sun shone through a window, and thanks to my carefully placed mirror, shone into my eyes. I moved my head and stood up, I then went to all the doors, knocking on each one.

"Wake up, time for strategy and killing worthless human scum."

I waited in the lobby and one by one all the vampires filtered in, except for a couple.

"Ok, today is our last stand. There are armies of hunters out there, all wanting to kill us. I say, let them try. What we need to do is kill them first. Now, here's what I was thinking."

As I explained to them my strategy each one clearly understood their instructions. Each one accepted their part without worry, and they saw that my meditation had paid off.

"Any questions."

Noone did, noone ever did.

"Ok, we'll leave when ready."

The End

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