Harmony: no....

I heard everything. 'Asha' was the shadow. Someone was killed and Asha's admirer and the loan sharks were to blame. I scowled at the sun that was just beggining to rise and looked out the window. I saw a body on the floor and evil eyes glittering in the trees and I lost it. "Get away from here you psychopaths!" I glared at them from my open balcony window "I swear if I ever see you again you wont know what bit you!" I didn't know the girl who was dead and I didn't know the boy and girl who had been attacked. But I knew the loan sharks and I'm sick of death. I radiated hate and fury, the eyes disappeared but this wasn't the end. In a couple of hours we'd meet in the clearing and for the first time my entire body ached, anticipating the fight. I saw the princess fly out towards the forest, she was peeved. Then I felt the greif hit home. In respect I sang the song of respect for the dead, the song of the ancients and began to cry.

The End

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