Tirs: Revenge

I walked over, seeing Asha. "Have you seen Kaiari?!" she excaimed. I led her to the room softly. I let out a shout, and pushed past, next to Raven. He was rocking Kaiari, to and fro. I smiled, but then saw the blood. I screamed. Raven snapped his head up, looking at me. I cried softly. I tried to take her body from him, but he clutched it.

I clenched my fists tightly. I ran to my room, and found a dagger, and a small vial. I used the knife to slit my hand open, and let my blood drop into the vial. I healed it, put  stopper on the vial. I threaded in onto a piece of leather, and found Asha. A guy jumped out of the window. I growled, and pushed the vial into her hand. "If I don't come back within this week, then drip this into water, and it will show if i'm dead or alive." I told her. She nodded, and I opened my wings, and flew out of the window, thirsty for revenge.

A shout came behind me. "Don't be stupid, Pureblood! You're the heir to the flipping throne!!" shouted Matthew. I flew back towards him. I laid my hand on his cheek. "If I die, then you and Ana are the heirs." I whispered, before flying off into the night, with Matthew screaming out after me.

The End

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