Asha: Interrupted

One minute Jay and I were talking, the next Jay shoved me across the room and a Loan Shark came through the window. I watched as Jay began to square up to him. He has nothing to defend himself. He's going to get himself hurt. Another Loan Shark came in behind the first. I unsheathed both of the half-swords strapped to my back, and hit the second before he had a chance to land properly. I pushed him off the balcony, making sure he wouldn't come back. I heard the pair behind me clash, and I whirled around. They were a blur of limbs. I had my half-swords ready, but I couldn't do anything without risking hurting Jay. But if I stand here, he's going to get hurt even more..maybe worse.. I saw the barest glimmer of an opening and took it, catching the Loan Shark in the back with one of my half-swords. He wheeled around, glaring at me. I held my weapons ready, daring him to attack me. I laughed, provoking him more. Jay leaped on his back, taking the Loan Shark's head in both hands, and jerked hard, once. There was a horrific snap, and the Shark collapsed. Jay landed on his feet.

"You fought well," he said, sounding impressed.

I grinned. "Had a lot of practice."

We laughed, and it was then we heard the screams and yells from downstairs. One look at Jay's pale face and we both sprinted out the door, tracking them down to the cellar. Rave was cradling another vampire in his arms. The window was smashed. The vampire girl was dead. Once I had taken the scene in, I went to the window.
I'm so sorry Raven.  I projected to him, then leaped out of the window, following the scent of a vampire I had hoped I had left in London: Lee had found me at the Mansion, and had caused the death of another of my friends. First my fiance, now Raven's friend. He obviously loved her, as had some of the others in the room. I ran into the woods, following the scent.

"LEE!" I yelled "Show your face, you coward!"

"Asha darling" he purred from behind me "I can hear you perfectly well."

I wheeled around, holding my weapons out. "Why can't yo just let me go? Even when I was in London, you were always around, causing fights, problems, never letting me be alone.. I hate you Lee! You caused my fiance to be condemned and blamed him for that family when it was you."

"That lowlife didn't deserve you" he spat.

"We loved each other!" I cried.

"I loved you" he said flatly "But you spurned me over and over. I orchestrated you fiances downfall because he was scum, always cheating and hurting you. I did it out of love. You were meant to love me!"

"You're sick!" I said, horrified "I could never love you.. and why kill that girl? I never knew her.."

"So that I could get your attention." he replied coldly "You insulted me one too many times. Its amazing how love spurned can turn so easily to hate. You destroyed me, stealing so much of my land, and making me a laughing stock. I had to leave London because of you, and I lost everything. You must pay."

He leapt at me, and I side-stepped, slashing up. He fell, bleeding heavily. Before he could get up, I pinned him to the ground through his shoulder. He cried out in pain.

"I was the Shadow, Lee." I said coldly. "You made me that person by causing the death of the one man I truly loved. I can never forgive you for that, let alone love you. I'm not sorry. I feel nothing for you at all. That's why I am not going to kill you. Run and don't look back. Come anywhere near me and I will kill you. Tell anyone I was the Shadow and I will hunt you down and kill you. Now go." I pulled the sword out of his shoulder. He stood slowly, bleeding and glaring.

"You know I can and will kill you, Lee. Don't bother trying to contact me again. Come near this house, or anyone near it and I will kill you aswell. Go."

He lifted his chin, like he was going to say something, then, seeing the look in my eye, looked down. He took one last look at me, grinned manically and left without another word.

I'm going to have to watch for him.

I turned around to go back to the Mansion, and Jay was standing there, an odd look on his face..

The End

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