Matthew: Gone For Good

I ran to Tirs. "Have you seen Kaiari?" Tirs shock her head, and ran about, calling Kaiari's name. I called round the house, trying to find Kaiari. I went to her room. She was sprawled across the floor, blood pooled around her, and a guy just leaping out of the window. I shouted, and knelt down, ignoring the blood around me.

"Kaiari, wake up. Wake up! Come on girl, your strong, WAKE UP!" I screamed. She opened her eyes a little, then pused something into my hand. It was her tooth necklace, and a tiny locket. I watched as her arm fell limp my her side, her eyes frozen, glassy and seeing nothing. I shook her a little, then screamed. I ran out of the room, shouting, "G-GUYS, HELP-P-P!!!" I sobbed a little. A few came up. The vampires went in, holding their noses. Raven came in last. He dropped to Kaiari's side, looking at the blood, and Kaiari. Her eyes flickered open. Raven scooped her up in his arms.

"" She whispered. Raven gave the tiniest nod, and bit her neck gently. He pulled away, and looked at her. She kissed his lips softly, and let herself drop, into his arms, dead.

The End

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