Sylvester: 'Mornin'!'

I’d been sitting on the steps all night – I never slept, but I relaxed my mind. I had decided to stay near Aria in case trouble came sooner than expected, and was staring into space thinking about the weight of the Soulsphere in my pocket when that damn cat came out of nowhere.

“You want to be careful.” He warned me.

“Why, in case you attack me again?” There was definitely more than sarcasm in my voice.

Cheshire grinned – it was infuriating. “It's not me you need to worry about, it's Aria. She might seem like an airhead but that girl's got brains. She can be very sexual when she wants to be.”

“And you’d know from experience would you?” I scoffed, but he quickly added, “As a matter of fact, yes.” The thought of him and Aria together made me want to vomit – of all the cats in the world she’d picked truly the most seedy and repulsive. I tried to turn my attentions elsewhere again, but he carried on.

“Aria has a very interesting scent." He flicked his tail. "I can smell her even if she's been gone for months. So basically, I can smell that kiss on your forehead.”

I narrowed my eyes – now I definitely didn’t trust Aria’s little friend. I took a quick glance at Aria; she was fast asleep on the sofa, her black hair falling neatly over her tan neck and shoulders. She could do better than a cat for God’s sake.

“She's pretty, no question about it, but when she gets her shine on... Let's just say most of the male population would get on their knees and be her slave. And personally, I don't think she realises it.”

Obviously she doesn’t realise it if she’s been in bed with a bloody cat, I sneered in my head. I was done dealing with Cheshire… however, he did have a point. Whoever turned down Aria would be a fool and a half – not only was she talented, but she was wise for her age. And like he’d already pointed out – quite stunning. As if the world wanted to prove Cheshire’s point, at that very moment the rising sun shone a bright orange beam of light into the living room, and Aria’s eyes blinked open. They were a sparkling sea green today, and as she caught sight of me and Cheshire she gave us a wide smile.

“Mornin’ boys!"

The End

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