Harmony: trying

"No, you're not. What I did there was selfish more than courageous. I thought that if I freed you, that you would sing and cast upon them all. It was all for me."

"all for me"

"all for me"

the words echoed in my head all night, I cried myself asleep . I thought about his words and cried harder. Before I knew it, it was morning and I quickly revised the lyrics to songs that would drive our side on and silence our enemy. 'Dont tell me' seemed good, I'd use that when I had enough anger to yell it at the opposing side. But for now I settled on 'someone to fall back on', I had enough sadness to put enough emotion behind it so I would make our enemies fall into crumpled heaps on the floor. I got a shower and changed for what could be the last time. I draped a green dress that settled around the floor. If I was going out today, I was going out with a bang. I let my long brown, strait hair fall and exited my room. Knowing that today I would try my hardest.

The End

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