Asha: The Night Before The Morning After.

We finally made it to the Mansion. Jay fussed over me a bit, but to be honest, I didn't mind. I had been in a worse state before, and when I had arrived, I was a lot worse. At least these would heal before sunup, meaning I would have time to talk to Jay for a bit. He wasn't exactly in top condition either. I caught Aria's eye and se grinned at me.

"Got over your stage fright then?" I laughed at her. Cheshire was grinning by her, looking pleased with himself. I had seen how he had looked out for Aria during the fight, if only breifly, and I now trusted him.

She nodded "Just needed a lil encouragement."

I laughed at that, the others joining in, despite the tiredness and injuries. We had survived without any major blow against us. 

"You two seemed to have made it through without a scratch" Jay said, slightly put out.

"Guess they were just lucky" Sylvester put in from behind us.

I turned to him, "Those look nasty." I said, indicating his arm.

He shrugged, not as nasty as they look, but your shoulder on the other hand.."

I smiled wanly. "I've had worse I guess."

It was then my foot went down a rabbit hole, and my arm, which had been covering my side, went out to stop me from doing a face plant. My blood began splattering the grass. I got up hurriedly, but the damage had been done, I swayed, dizzy from the blood loss. Instantly, Jay was at my side.

"'re hurt.. don't.." I tried to say but he just shook his head.

"We need to get you inside, now."

"The holy steel.. must have been..coated."  I could feel the burning starting deep in my veins, the one that told me I had been poisoned. I attempted to swear, causing them all to laugh.

"Save your breath hon." Aria smiled.

"Its not as bad seems." I muttered, straightening up. "I just need to get down quickly. They must have had something on their swords."

We finally got to the Mansion. Jay had his arm around me, and the others were hovering close by. Mentally I cursed this allergy. None of the others seemed to be affected by it. I must seem so weak to them. When we got to Jay's room, I stopped. The others went to their respective rooms, leaving us to it.

"What is it?" he asked quickly.

"You. In there. Now." I said. "I'll manage. You need rest. I've coped with this before."

"You need.."

"Rest, Jay. I need rest. How am I meant to do that with you there?" I laughed shallowly. "I'm not as fragile as you think-remember who I used to be.You don't need to worry though. I was worse when I arrived." I kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thank you for earlier. I'll knock when I wake up, I'll only be a couple of hours"

He didn't look happy but nodded.

I showered, and changed into some slim fitting black fighting clothes. I strapped my two half-swords up, ready to go. I then finally let myself rest, the images of the fight floating just out of reach. Next I knew there was shouting downstairs.


I ran, strapping my swords on as I went.  

The End

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