Sylvester: Waiting for morning

We were a sorry group leaving the forest turned battlefield. Asha had procured some serious injuries as a result of the holy weapons some Hunters were wielding – cheating if you ask me. Kyoshiro was pretty sliced up; Jay too had suffered. Raven had managed well enough with his gun in the battle, and Harmony was frightened at worst. Cheshire had basically taken on the entire group of Hunters in the clearing in the forest – he and Aria made a terrific pair. I could tell that they had fought before. The only injuries I sustained were the cuts that damn cat had made in my arm. As Asha shrewdly and blatantly pointed out, it was unlikely that we would survive the Hunters arriving at Sasuke’s beckon.

I was reflecting upon all of this as the others were resting up for the morning. Kyoshiro had offered to be guard, and I don’ think Jay was sleeping very much as he was looking after Asha. I was sitting at the top of the staircase and watching everyone in the living room; no one had wanted to go to their rooms tonight. I held the Soulsphere in my hands... in a way it was a humbling moment. I turned it over and over, just looking at it. My opportunity seemed to have come at last and it began to sparkle in my hand, as if it could tell what I was thinking. But it did nothing more. I realised that I did not have to die like this – I could die tomorrow, fighting not only for my right to be free from the Hunters’ threat, but for the rest of the vampires too. Again the jewel sparkled, and again it faded away.

In that moment I did not want to die, but if my time came tomorrow I would be ready for it. And then I thought I knew what had to be done.

The End

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