Asha: Turning the Tide

We were outnumbered, but Jay and I still fought to get to Harmony, we had felled about 30 or so Hunters between us but there were more coming to defend their prize the whole time, and we were both getting injured more and more. I could hear Kyshiro's sword clashing with another's I could hear a hsh spreading around the fight, but where we were, the fight became harder. I felt something slip past my guard and I gapsed as the bite of blessed steel caught my side.

"They're using holy weapons Jay!" I yelled, hoping he would hear, and that he wouldn't get caught out the same way. I didn't know how it affected other vampires but I didn't want to find out the hard way.

I group of about six Hunters surrounded me. They could see that I was badly hurt, and their dogs growled, straining at their leashes. I struggled to catch my breath, How did they know about the weapons? Its like they had prepared for me, as the Shadow. They couldn't suspect me...?

My thoughts were cut short as the Hunters let off their dogs together. For a moment I was drowned in the dogs, and the Hunters joined the fight too. I got another poisonous cut in my shoulder this time, and my arm went dead. This is it...drowned by dogs and burned under Hunters. I took as many as I could down, trying to fight my way to Jay, but over the snarls and shouts, I couldn't hear him, and I couldn't sense anyone else.

I felt my vision going darker as I cut down another Hunter. Suddenly, light burst through the pile to me. The Hunters fell away. I got up from my knees, where I had been forced down, and saw Jay and Kyshiro standing there.

"I thought I wasn't going to make it in time." Jay said quietly. "I had so many on top of me, I thought they would get me, but Kyoshiro pulled them off me... there were so many more of them on you though.. I thought I was too late..." He trailed off, as I hugged him hard, my shoulder and side throbbed viciously but I didn't care.

He returned my hug. Kyoshiro broke in "There ar more Hunters coming this way, so if you two don't mind...?"

I could feel the black of my top clinging to me with blood, a lot of it my own, but I turned to face Kyoshiro, who nodded over to my left. Aria, Sylvester, Cheshire and Sara all came through the trees behind us. I smiled at them before dispatching the last group, with some help from Harmony, who Kyoshiro had freed.

When we had finished Kyoshiro then informed us of more Hunters coming.I swallowed hard, noticeing that Sylvester had long gashes in his arm and Jay was limping slightly. "We couldn't manage another onslaught like that. " I said, quietly "I can see that Jay and Sylvester are injured, and I'm sure some of us need rest." I avoided looking at anyone in the eye, not wanting to reveal that I was also injured, despite the fact my shirt was now soaked in blood. The holy weapons had gone deep. "We need to rest before anything else.. because otherwise they'll slaughter us."

Everyone, even Kyoshiro looked uncomfortable at that. I knew I was beign blunt but this was our survival at the end of the day. Pretty words wouldn't protect you.

"Lets get back to the Mansion, and at sunup, we can decide what to do"

The End

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