Kyoshiro: Sasuke!

After killing a group of hunters with my sword Sasuke came towards me. I gawked in awe as I saw him with his sword.

"Sasuke, what is the meaning of this?"

He rushed at me with his sword, but I parried.

"You see, master, long ago I began to hate you. And so, when I finally found out where you were I called the hunters. Armies and armies of them will come now, all because a mansion of vampires is here."

I ran, jumped and slashed at him, only to have him roll to the right. I pivoted forcefully on my foot and propelled myself through the open air, slashing at him. Blood spurted out.

"You are a horrible man, shine!"

The japanese word which I spoke was a command, telling Sasuke to die. He understood fully. With both of our swords at the ready we began to fight eachother. Blood would fall to the ground often, mostly from him. I was, after all, a better swordsman than him.

"Do you wish to condemn your brother, Kyoshiro?"

More fighting. The clang of our swords reverberated throughout the field. Onlookers of both races stopped for moments to watch us fight. Then, a hunter had the idea of helping Sasuke, he fired a crossbow arrow at me. Luckily, Sasuke had not forgotten his Bushido. He stopped the arrow and killed the hunter that tried to kill me.

"Thank you, brother, I had almost feared that you lost your honor."

Our swords met once more, and it was now a battle of stamina. His sword and my sword constantly pushing, who would pull out first, and die.

"You will pay for what you did to me, brother. You will die."

His sword gained distance.

"I am sorry, my sins were not yours to bear, forgive me."

My sword gained distance.

"What can you promise me other than broken dreams."

His sword gained distance.

"I can guarantee you death."

My sword gained distance. Meanwhile, all throughout our dialogue Raven was aiming his gun. Then, he shot. It went right through Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke fell backwards and then I decapitated him with my blade. I then ruffled through Sasuke's kimono to find the soulsphere. Finding it, I put it in mine. I then grab his sword, waiting for a burn, I was relieved to remember that his sword was forged by Masamune, and was not special as mine was. Grabbing it, and lacing his sheath to my belt, I continue fighting against the hoards of hunters.

Then, I heard Sylvester yell at me.

"Harmony has been captured!"

Hearing these words I race to her, I find her bound and gagged with a group of thirty or so hunters. They all fall by my twin blades. I then release Harmony from her bounds.

"Help us turn the tide of battle."

Then, she began to sing a beautiful song. And all the hunters were stunned by her spell. Then, Raven, Sylvester, Aira, Asha, Cheshire and I all began to slay them where they stood. After some time, we were finished, then I ran to Raven to tell him that more would be comming.

"More will be comming. My brother, Sasuke, whom you shot, brought the hunters here as revenge for me. Armies of hunters will be comming, and if we are to survive we need a strategy."

Then, I felt a peculiar thing, the sword of which I stole from my brother, and the sheath, turned to dust before my watchful eyes and began to flow off to the sunset.

There goes my two swords idea.

I am sad to see them go, yet at the same time happy. Then, I turn my attention back to the vampires now crowding around Raven and I. I notice Sylvester among them, and I turn to him.

"I stole this from my brother."

I then rummaged through my kimono and brought out the soulsphere. Sylvester's eyes widend as I placed the jewel into his hands.

"Use it wisely."

Today was eventful.

The End

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