Aria: Civil War Rematch

At the sound of the dogs I stumbled backwards on instinct. Sylvester was behind me though and I think I may have stood on his foot a little. Chesh hissed as the dogs and their masters emerged from the trees. Chesh was always so brave. I admired him for that. I could feel myself trembling and shook my head. I had to be brave for the others. For Chesh, for Sylvester, for Sara, for the vampires I hadn't met yet who's safety depended on this fight. Before anyone knew what had happened, I jumped up on a low tree branch and held two of my fingers up in the air to make a 'V'.

"Civil War rematch, let's do it! Hunters fight Union, vamps fight Confederate!" I shouted, the memory of my former home giving me a little extra courage.

I felt someone pull me back and saw a volley of arrows fly past where my heart had just been. I looked round to see who it was that had just saved my life, expecting it to be Chesh. was Sylvester.

"Y'know, you really should be more careful" he said but his tone wasn't patronizing.

"Well, I am a Southern belle after all. I shouldn't have to be careful 'cause there should be a strong man protectin' me" I said with a wink and faced the Hunters again.

I could see several of them armed with crossbows. If I hadn't been so preoccupied with the dogs I would've noticed that. I glanced over at Chesh and saw Sara staring at him. His tail lashed from side to side, a growl begging to escape his lips.

"Ah, to hell with it!" he shouted and propelled himself at the Hunters.

The End

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