Sylvester: Surrounded

The most frightening thing in the world is looking into a face of absolute beauty and seeing only pure hatred. I slammed a Hunter up against a tree and he dropped his gun in fear, his legs scrambling for the earth. I made sure he saw my face before I dug my fangs into his neck and tore it open. After finishing him within a few seconds I took a deep breath of air and opened my eyes, which had changed from icy grey to black.

“What the hell is your problem anyway?” I shouted over to Cheshire, who had just sliced a dog open in mid-air with his claws. Another Hunter was coming up behind Aria with a knife, so I grabbed his head and threw him with unbelievable force against the ground where he laid motionless. Aria spun around and flashed a reassuring smile.

“My problem?” Cheshire stooped over the body of the dog, dabbed one claw in the pool of blood and sniffed it. “That would be you.” He licked the drop of blood off his claw as we both made for the same Hunter – when I reached for his neck, Cheshire sliced him from stomach to chest and managed to graze my arm as he did so.

“Sylvester you’re bleeding!” Aria gawked at the blood spilling from the three cuts.

“You can blame your stupid cat for that.” I grumbled. “He went for my prey…”

Suddenly the music that had been keeping the Hunters and the dogs relatively at bay stopped and a distant voice called, “Harmony!” Aria, Cheshire and I raced off in the direction of the shouting when we found ourselves in a clearing face to face with Sara.

“Did you guys notice the siren stopped?” She was out of breath and had a small cut on her cheekbone.

“Yeah – you’re ok?” I inquired.

“I think so…”

“Uhh guys?” Cheshire hissed and Aria staggered backwards into me, trembling more than ever. “We have company.”

Out of the surrounding forest there came at least 10 sneering Hunters and their mongrel dogs, ready and able to kill.

The End

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