Asha: Loan Sharks and Losses

"Loan Sharks," Jay explained "They think I owe them money. I don't"

We were catching our breath a little, having just..dispatched.. a group of Hunters.

"That's the new girl they have... Harmony! The siren!"

His face went pale, as I'm sure mine did. It was a lot down to her talents that we had such an upper hand. I could sense people getting injured and the smell off blood was strong, vampire mixed with human. We had been lucky, only getting a couple of minor scratches.

"We should go after them" I said, determined, keeping my eye on the group, that was rapidly dissappearing. "Come on.." I ran off to follow them, Jay following close behind.  It was then a rather large group of Hunters, each with a dog, came between us and them.

Are the Hunters are working with the Loan Sharks?  They looked like they were protecting them..

I glanced at Jay. I wasn't going to loose him. The Hunters leaped on us, and I fought harder then than I had ever done. I was not going to loose anyone today.

The End

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