Harmony: The fight

The first song came to an end so I quickly decided on the 'spectacular' (musical) version of eye of the tiger. I caught about 5 in one, they stood there, helpless. Another member from our side knocked them to the ground before you could say oops. Everyone was amazing! I watched in envy as they leapt effortlessly and tore their enemies away from eachother one by one. This was going well, I saw a group aproaching from the west, attacking one boy in particular....the guy with the sword and I went for  it. I must admit the council hadn't had time to teach me how to improvise my influence, then again I was their lab-rat human. I strode over to them, and belted out with all my might commanding them to stop, the fight raged on but the group was still. I smiled. I prepared to give their final order and froze....

The End

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