Jay: Captured!

We were running to the Hunters, and I had Asha's hand in mine. As we got closer to the Hunters, exhilleration took over my body. I'd never been chased down by Hunters before, but I'd like to kill a few. I looked down at Asha's thoughful expression, and then she smiled at me. She seemed excited too, Well, at least, she didn't seem afraid. I grinned back at her, and then looked forward. There were more than I anticipated. Not enough to kill me, though. But then I saw them. Hadn't we killed them? I peered along the wood, and saw that it wasn't the same people. But they were still Loan Sharks.

"Oh for the love of all that's unholy!" I yelled,

"What'sup?" Asha asked,

"Loan Sharks." I replied simply. Her face seemed confused. "They think I owe them money. I don't." I explained.


"Now they want to kill me."

"Why don't you give them more money? If that will stop them- you have loads." She exclaimed,

"They don't care about the money anymore. Now that I have run away, they feel obliged to kill me." I replied. Her eyes widened. I looked on, and saw a new member. She was young, and definately a Vampire. She was tied up and gagged, and someone was dragging her along the field. I felt like shouting to the Hunters: There are Vampires over there! Over there! They wouldn't care. They're probably together. I hated the way Loan Sharks can influence people like that. I frowned. This wasn't going to be easy. They had good fighters- better than me. What if they took Asha? I couldn't- wouldn't- handle that.

The End

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