Asha: Battle-Ready

I had Jay's hand in mine, feeling clamer than I should. I had faced large packs like this as the Shadow, but I usually ran then. I only fought small groups. I I was fighting for something now though. I had Jay, Sylvester, Aria, and the others. I was going to use my talents to protect them.

It was then Harmony decided to make her announcement. Well, we might as well try, but I'm not so sure it will work. We might still have to fight.

We were all getting ready to go, when I heard a small voice.


It was Aria. I whirled around. She was stood frozen on the stairs, with Cheshire behind her. I could see her shaking from here by the door.

"I'll find you in a minute," I murmured to Jay, then shouldered my way to her. I could see Sylvester, and grabbed him, pulling him with me.

"Aria!" I called, reaching her.

She looked at us blindly. "Aria, you're scaring me, what is it?"

She said nothing and Sylvester turned to Cheshire for an explination.

"What's wrong with Aria?" he said roughly. I guess he didn't like the guy much.

I could hear Jay calling my from outside but I stayed with Aria.

"Aria?" I said "Are you coming?"

"You go," Sylvester said to me. "I'll stay with her."

I smiled in gratitude. It will be fine Aria I told her, the ran to Jay's side.

The End

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