Aria: Jealous?

The second Raven said dogs I froze up. I know it's a stupid fear, I could take down a dog easy, but it's one of my human traits that crossed over when I was turned. Chesh squeezed my hand, tryin' to give me courage. It was easy for Chesh, he didn't have anythin' to be afraid off. So I stood shaking beside him. I wanted to speak up, say something like the others were doing but I couldn't. I physically couldn't. All I could do was stand and shake and look at my feet. The second I looked up, I saw Sylvester and Asha talkin' about somethin' that wasn't our imminent battle. A pang of jealousy hit me. Even though we'd only known each other a few days, I felt like me and Sylvester were driftin' apart. He had so much more in common with Asha. I'd heard his confession from the staircase but didn't want to put him on the spot about anythang so I pretended I never heard. I'd never killed anybody as such. Whenever I need to feed I track down homeless folk who are on death's door anyway. And, sure I tracked down the vampires that killed Sabrié with Chesh but I never actually hurt 'em.

A young-ish girl appeared and introduced herself as Harmony. She told us she had a special power that only worked when she sang. I swear to god I actually saw Chesh roll his eyes. After Harmony arrived, Sylvester seemed to take charge. I should probably say something to him. But what would I say? I don't know what it feels like to kill someone you love. I don't know what it feels like to be hated and hunted down. For cryin' out loud, I want Hunters to notice me and actually go after me! But if that happened I wouldn't be me, would I? Aria, who's interesting for five minutes cause she can bend her spine the wrong way and then just fades into the background. If I took off with Chesh would anyone even notice.

As our rag-tag team of vampires got ready to face off against the Hunters, I finally managed to make a noise. It was quite and I don't think anyone heard it but I still managed to make it. "Help".

The End

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