Harmony :fabulous, might aswell go for it....

I heard a crowd of vampires talking about some hunters, they found they mansion and were coming to kill. Fabulous. For once cant I be the normal shy bookworm without having to use my gifts every 5 flipping minutes?! With a resigned sigh I changed into a pair of jeans and a lose fitting purple top and stepped down the stairs...

"who's with me?"

I sighed and cleared my throat. Everyone looked at me "I can help" it was no more than a whisper but it didn't mean they wouldn't hear it.

"who are you? and how can you help us?" note to self find out about guy with sword.

"My names harmony and well, I have a unique gift" I smiled "they dont call me harmony for nothing, guesse you could say I'm a siren.for those of you who are un-familiar with greek mythology, I can baisically put anyone under a trance but it only works when I sing." I loved my gift, as a kid I always wanted to sing but I was never any good but now my voice is a polar opposite and I can get pretty much whatever I need with a click of my fingers. FYI I dont use it for love or feeding time, like I said before, sqeamish. "My question is how many, what gender, what age range and how many dogs" I looked around at the blank, paper white faces with their mouths hung open. I looked at every individual face, one in particular caught my eye...I lossed my confidence and began to fiddle with my shirt "well?"

The End

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