Kyoshiro: My sword, my rules.

As Asha was holding the sword and contemplating killing Sylvester she screeched and dropped it. I then walked over and picked it up.

"I forgot to mention, my sword was forged in a secret place by a secret man. It has important and powerful abilities and a spirit of it's own. It chose me to wield it because it has a thirst for death. However, whenever anyone else holds it they're hands burn."

Sylvester looked confused by this.

"But, it didn't burn me."

I smiled.

"Oh, yes indeed it did. I could see the steam and hear the sizzle. You were just to in the moment to notice."

I then sheath my sword.

"I do not condone execution of vampires, so I will not kill you. I would've but that is not the point. And Chesire, I did not kill your sister directly, infact I was againt the execution all together and I voted against the council. I did not kill your sister, sorry."

Chesire's mouth hung open and he began to feel very guilty.

"To you, Sylvester, if you want the soulsphere so bad you can find Sasuke. Chances are he's died trying to find out how to use it. I never told him you see. He may be anywhere in a fifteen mile radius. And, as for the plethora of hunters, the moment they make contact I will fight amongst you. And I can promise that I will never die."

That was a curse placed on me some time ago. I had hoped they didn't have to find out.

"So, let's fight 'til sunup."

The End

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