Cheshire: Who's With Me?

I had the chance to take revenge on one of the monsters that killed my sister and I let it slip past me. It was all that Sylvester's fault. And then he broke down and cried about some girl. So he drained her, big deal. So she was a Pureblood, they're all delusional idiots anyway. He did the world a favour by killing her. And I don't care if he was hiding, that didn't give him a reason to upset Aria like that. I was just about to march over and let him know he'd upset Aria by running out like he did when some black-haired vampire ran in. He gathered everyone in the kitchen. And I got more than enough weird looks. I stood by Aria and squeezed her hand with a smile.

"You might find this amusing but I thought I might tell you that there is a large number of Hunters, including dogs, heading straight for the mansion". the black-haired vampire I found out was called Raven said.

Most of the vampires were up for a good brawl but they were too afraid to do anything. I could feel Aria shaking beside me. She'd always been afraid of dogs. Even those harmless little rat-dogs that all the slutty celebrities keep in their handbags. I looked over at Sylvester. He was looking over at us, though whether he was looking at me or Aria I'm not sure. I squeezed her hand again before speaking.

"These Hunters need to be taught a lesson. That we are not picked off so easily. Grab your knives, your guns, whatever you can, and let's show them what they're up against!"

Even if no one came with me I'd go up against the Hunters. I hadn't had a worthwhile fight in a long time and I could already feel my muscles getting ready for battle. My tail twitched a few times and a grin spread across my face, showing off my fangs.

"Who's with me?" I asked the group of people who had never met me before, throwing a glare at Sylvester.

The End

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