Raven: How Amusing

All in all its been eventful. Sitting on the branch of a tree from where i could see the mansion i watched as the various other occupants came and went but i never really saw Kyoshiro leave the actual grounds. Too bad, i was still mad enough at him to kill him where he stood but i didnt want to take my chances with a vampire that thought killing was the only way to deal with dinner.  No doubt he was as skilled with that lump of metal which he called a sword as i was with my guns  and i do value my life. Resting my head against the tree i contemplated going back into the mansion just to raid a couple of the bottles of blood because i knew it was coming up to my time to feed. I'd trained myself to feed little and often, especially useful when you're on the run from relentless hunters but that only works when you have adrenaline pumping through the system and right now my adrenal glands were on a merry vacation so i could only last a couple of days tops without having blood. Looking back at the mansion i couldnt see too much movement which was curious considering it was still relativly early.

"something must be going on in there." I thought. No matter, i wasnt in there and no one to my knowledge had come looking for me to see if i was actually still in the vicinity so i knew i wasnt missed. Suddenly i heard the faint sound of dogs barking, curious i sat up straight and listened harder into the wind. There it was again, and judging from what i could hear it had to be a pack of maybe ten or more....My eyes widened, ten or more! In a flash i was on my feet and racing through the branches towards the noise and then i saw it. My god it was huge. There had to be at least fifty, if not more, hunters there and then the dogs. I counted twenty five in all. From the shade of the tree i watched them mometarily and saw them handing out weapons and holding a meeting of sorts. Whatever they were saying i would bet my bottom dollar that they were coming to the mansion...Lord knows how they had found it though. Part of me wanted to leg it out of there and leave those in the mansion to fend for themselves, after all they had Kyoshiro to look after them. I grinned evilly at the thought of him lying in a bloody heap after the Hunters had finished with him but that wasn't likely to happen in my lifetime that was for sure. Cursing i turned round and raced towards the mansion. Minutes later i stood in the kitchen with some wide eyed occupants,

"You might find this amusing but i thought i might tell you that there is a large number of Hunters, including dogs, heading straight for the mansion."

The End

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