Sylvester: Raw

I glanced over Asha’s shoulder at Kyoshiro who was tending to Jay’s injury, and at Chesh who was sulking on the outskirts. I looked into Asha’s kind eyes and whispered, “It’s a long story.”

She nodded that I go on, so I took another shuddery breath and started again. “Before I was turned, I was betrothed to a young woman named Clara… She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her eyes were icy grey, the same colour as mine are now, and her hair was black… I used to have brown hair, and green eyes. I never knew she was a vampire until the night before our wedding. She said she wanted to be with me forever, and that she only knew of one way to achieve that… so I agreed…”

I glanced back up at the room – shouting in the distance and the smashing of glass couldn’t stop me now.

“When I woke up she was crying; she thought she had killed me. I was sick, so she offered me her neck as my first drink. All I remember is the sweet taste of her blood, and the warmth of it trickling down my chin when I – when I –” I coughed and shook my head; Asha gripped my wrist even tighter. She was still there. “When I realised she was cold. I hadn’t even noticed her scratching me, or heard her screaming at me to stop… The bloodlust was too much for me… I left my dead fiancée in her room to rot.” I let out a sob as I admitted that I went into the village to find anyone, as many people as I could, to convert. I wanted the world to feel the pain I was in at that very moment. “Finally they came looking for her. What they hadn’t told me – what she had neglected to tell me – was that she was a Pureblood. The council was looking for me – they were coming to kill me – not only for her death, but for creating so many new vampires. I didn’t know where to turn, so I foolishly tried to take my own life.”

I bared my left wrist where the scars my own fangs had left thousands of years ago were still raw. Asha recoiled slightly, but I had said too much to stop now. “I thought I could drink myself dry; I was obviously capable of doing it to someone I had loved so much. But my own blood was poison to me, and I woke up days later in the care of a middle aged vampire. I do not know his name. However, when he found out I was the one the council was looking for he brought them straight to his house to hand me over. I have never been able to trust anyone, especially vampires, since. I managed to escape… but I am still running. Running from the council, and racing to find the one thing that I thought could put an end to my misery. I discovered tonight that the Soulsphere was here, in the mansion, but Kyoshiro sent it away… I did not want to hurt Kyoshiro in the slightest. I merely thought that if his sword could kill vampires, and if I provoked him, he would kill me…”

I hid my face from the rest of the group and collapsed to the floor, completely drained. “I am so sorry for what I have done… I understand if you want to hand me over to the council, but please consider what I have been through. I believe I have paid enough for my sins – if you wish me to die, do not let it be at the hands of the council. Rather take his sword and run me through with it, please. I beg you.” I finally raised my eyes to meet Asha’s. Her trembling hands held the sword level with my shoulder. The room was silent.

The End

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