Asha: Torn

I was stuck between the two still. Sylvester had the sword pointed at Kyshiro but the room still seemed to echo with his shouts.

What could be hurting him so badly that he wanted to die?

My heart went out to him. I wanted to go to him, but something told me I shouldn't. I looked over to Kyoshiro, who was being held by something that my senses told me was vampire (at least in part) but also had cat ears. There was a line of blood snaking down Kyoshiro's neck. This was getting out of hand

"Could you let go of Kyoshiro?" I asked the new guy "He said he wouldn't attack again"

The guy loosened his arms and Kyoshiro stepped away, wiping the blood from his neck. I kept glancing at Jay who was looking pale, even though the wound was fairly minor. I felt a lead weight of worry in my stomach.

I looked to Sylvester again, who looked so alone and desperate, holding the sword. He took a breath, like he was going to talk, but faltered again. His eyes were wild, and I recognised the look of someone caught in a nightmare he couldn't escape. I knew the feeling all too well. I grit my teeth, driven by the look on Jay's face. I walked to him calmly, and put my hand on his wrist, taking the sword from him.

"It's ok," I said softly, looking him in the eyes the whole time "You don't have to run anymore."

The End

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