Sylvester: Not just a fight...

Kyoshiro managed to throw me back to the ground and unsheathed his sword. I closed my eyes and thought of Clara. If I thought of her enough maybe I would see her one last time before I went. Just at the moment I expected to feel the blade plunge into my chest, I felt something very different – a splash on my leg. I opened my eyes and there was Jay, standing over me with a slice in his arm from Kyoshiro’s sword.

Everything seemed frozen in time. Asha gaped at the scene before her, and Jay blinked at the gash in his arm. It was minor injury for a vampire. Kyoshiro’s sword was still raised.

“What have you done?” I spat at Jay. He looked down at me in shock. “You fool…” I pushed myself to my feet and grasped his arm for closer inspection. “I didn’t want any help – you should have just let me die!”

Jay looked at Asha before wrenching his bleeding arm away. “Excuse me – but I think I just saved your life.”


Just then that cat named Chesh burst through the small circle of vampires that surrounded Kyoshiro, Jay and I. He pounced on Kyoshiro, gripped his throat with a clawed hand, and then growled, “You killed my sister.”

It was the perfect opportunity. I pushed Jay aside and snatched the sword out of Kyoshiro’s hands. Chesh looked surprised but wasn’t going to argue.

“You don’t know what you’re doing.” Kyoshiro spoke calmly.

 Chesh yanked Kyoshiro’s hair again and let one claw break the skin on his victim’s neck, sending a bead of crimson blood trickling down his pale neck. He nodded at me as I pointed the sword at Kyoshiro – he thought we were both against him. I was only really against myself.

Just then a voice cried from the edge of the circle. “Stop it!” Asha had lunged at Chesh and Kyoshiro whilst I had been holding Jay off with the sword. “Please.”

I lowered the sword only slightly, and Kyoshiro agreed he wouldn’t attack. Asha then turned to me and asked determinedly, “What’s all this about Sylvester?”

I took another look at Chesh who was stalking around the four of us in a circle now, with eyes only on Kyoshiro. I dropped the sword to the ground and Chesh protested, “No!”

“It’s not worth it… not now.” I lowered my eyes to the floor, and took a deep breath.

The End

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