Asha: Fights

It all seemed to happen really fast. One minute things were quiet, I was lying against Jay and there was some movie on, Titanic I think. Next Sylvester was yelling.

I got up, in time to see him lunge at Kyshiro. I saw the sword come down. And the red welling up from Jay's arm. I froze for a minute horrified, then lunged at them myself, driven by the same determination that had driven me as the Shadow. I managed to put myslef between them, at the same time someone else grabbed Kyoshiro 

"Stop it!" I yelled, loud enough to freeze everyone for a moment. Someone new had Kyoshiro. I nodded breifly at them before continuing

"Sylvester, Kyshiro, stop." I said firmly. "Now."

I looked directly at Sylvester, meeting his eyes. I saw the anger and pain just under their dark surface.

"Please" I said quietly, to him.

His shoulders slumped.

"Kyoshiro, promise you won't attack again" I spoke quickly, aware that Jay was bleeding a lot.

"I won't promise that but I will only strike again in self-defence."

I decided that was good enough and let him up. I went to Jay, making sure he was okay and helping him to sit down a bit, before I turned to the pair again.

"I think both of you had better explain what is going on. And if either of you thinks about lashing out again, remember who I used to be"

It was a hollow threat since I had no desire to hurt either of them, least of all Sylvester, who I could tell was in a lot of pain. But the result was what I wanted, both of them were listening to me, and took note. I turned to Sylvester again, appealing to him directly

"What's all this about Sylvester?"

The End

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