Cheshire: Aria

Aria was upset, I could tell. No matter how hard she tried to hide it, she always looked different when she was sad. It was as if she lost her glow. She sat back on the bed and gave me a weak smile. I sat opposite her on the bed and pressed my forehead to hers. I knew she liked the feel of my hair, she said it was like cat fur.

"Don't worry about him, Aria, you've always got me" I said happily.

She sighed. "I know, Chesh. But I never know how long you're gonna stick around for. Ya always seem to up an' leave me when I need ya the most".

I pulled back. Did I really do that? Aria was the only vampire I'd met who wasn't afraid of me and I kept abandoning her. I had to make it up to her somehow. That guy, Sylvester, he'd upset her. I'd make it up to her by getting him to apologise. And then I'd apologise myself. I poked the end of Aria's nose and told her I'd be back in a second. I followed Sylvester's scent downstairs where it mingled with the scent of blood.

Sylvester was facing off against a guy with a sword. There was a blonde guy in the middle of the fray. The blood was coming from him. I caught sight of the sword guy's face. Rage swelled within me. He was there when they...when they...killed Sabrié. He was there when the Council killed my sister. I jumped at him and wrenched him back by his head. I pressed my claws against his throat. I caught the scent of a female and saw shock on her's and the blonde's face.

"You killed my sister" I growled.

The End

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