Jay: Human Again.

The film was pretty boring, but I wasn't paying attention to that. Suddenly, Sylvester came in, and started to shout at Kyroshiro about a 'Sousphere'...? I rolled my eyes. That man's temper was going to get him killed. At first, I thought it was just an argument, but then Sylvester lunged at Kyroshiro, just as he pulled his sword  out, and pointed it at Sylvester. A lot of emotions ran through me; Surprise, anger, suspicion, confusion. What was happening? And what the hell was a Soulsphere? All of the other Vampires in the room leapt up off of their chairs, ready to cut in. I got up too, and pulled Asha behind me. My love for her made me feel human again. but I couldn't waste time staring at Asha. I waited for someone to stop the stand-off, but no one did. I ran with super-human speed, and got in between them, just as kyroshiro was about to stab Sylvester. His sword sliced my arm. I looked at the deep gash. I'd had worse. I heard a gasp, and then turned to see Asha, horror frozen on her beautiful face.

The End

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