Sara:I Hate Fights

"If anyone want's to watch Titanic, it's on down here!" I heard someone yell. I put down The Ask And The Answer 3 pages from the end and went downstairs towards the room with sofas. I was a few feet from the room when I heard someone speaking, well, yelling.

"...I've been looking for it for centuries and I know it was here!" it was Sylvester. Someone said something that I didn't hear then there was silence. I walked forwards a bit so I could just see into the room. I don't think anyone could see me. Sylvester leapt at a man that I'd seen earlier. I wanted to tell him not no fight but it was none of my business. I'd been in a few fights that I knew nothing about and normally ended up worse off than the actual people fighting. I crept back upstairs, not wanting to get involved. I felt a bit selfish but I'd been hurt too often. I'd really wanted to watch Titanic but it could wait. Some things were not worth fighting for.

The End

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