Sylvester: The Soulsphere

So apparently the cat has a name. And the cat’s best friend is Aria. They must have met at the circus or something… I was standing in the doorway, refusing to sit with them, when I sensed a new presence in the house. It wasn’t necessarily a new vampire that I was sensing… it was more like thousands of people – vampires and humans alike – that had entered the mansion at once. I thought it was late and a lot had been going on; maybe my senses were a little off tonight. I hadn’t even sensed the cat was part Pureblood, not that the fact meant anything to me.

Aria had just asked if I was up for a party when a thought too powerful to be my imagination rebounded around my brain. The soulsphere. It was in the house. I staggered a little with sheer astonishment and then left Aria’s room without another word.

“Hey! Sylvester?” She called after me. I could hear that cat sniggering as she took a step into the hallway. “Sylvester, where are you going? What about the party?!”

This was far more important. I made my way swiftly down the corridor, down the steps and into the main hall where I’d sensed the Soulsphere. It was gone – no one was there. But I knew it had been there – it had to be here somewhere! Just then I heard Kyoshiro shout “If anyone else wants to watch Titanic it's playing down here!” from the living room. It was him.

I burst into the living room and saw him sitting on a sofa with about 5 other vampires, all of them watching the titanic.

“I need to talk to you.” I hissed.

He barely turned his head, but I knew he had heard me.

“I said I need to talk to you. Now.” This time everyone turned to look at me; some shushed me because of the film, but Kyoshiro got to his feet, one hand on the hilt of his sword, and followed me into the main hall.

I needed to get straight to the point. “The soulsphere – where is it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about–”

“YES YOU DO!” I screamed at him. “I know it was here – I’ve been looking for it for centuries and I KNOW IT WAS HERE.”

Kyoshiro’s face was calm. “It isn’t here anymore – I sent it away.”

Everything came crashing down. I stared at the front door thinking that maybe if I could pick up a scent of someone I could follow it and steal the soulsphere…

He interrupted my thoughts. “It is no use. The soulsphere is long gone.”

I looked into his cold eyes and saw my own reflection. For a moment I was incredulous – I had lost everything I had been trying to live for for thousands of years. I sunk to the ground by the front desk and hung my head in my hands. Clara – I would have to live with the knowledge of her fate for eternity. There was nothing else that could kill me now.

I slammed my fists onto the ground, and a few cracks appeared. I threw my head back against the desk and roared in furious frustration.

“Why did you let it go?” I was defeated, and fixed my eyes on Kyoshiro. Then I caught sight of how firmly he gripped that sword. My eyes widened as suddenly I realised why. It was a moment not to be missed, and before he could answer I lunged at him.

The End

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