Aria: Party

I sat on my bed looking at Sylvester, who was stood by the door even though I'd said he could sit. Chesh was sat cross-legged on the floor, purring as I scratched behind his ears. I could see glares passing occassionally between the two of them. This happened at least five more times before I spoke up.

"Would either of you like to tell me why you're throwing each other the glare of death?"

"Can't it wait? I'm sleepy" Chesh said, stretching his arms out like a cat.

I smiled. I hadn't thought I'd see Chesh again. After all, he went off in search of Council members that were involved in his revenge. But here he was, his tail brushing against my leg.

"What is he?" Sylvester asked grumpily.

"He has a name," Chesh said, licking his hand and cleaning his ear like a cat, "And he is part pureblood".

"You're part pureblood?" Sylvester scoffed. No one ever believed Chesh was descended from purebloods 'cause of his shapeshifter taint.

"Aria, who is this guy? You both smell like each other" Chesh said sleepily.

"Chesh, this is Sylvester. Sylvester, this is The Cheshire Cat" I said with a sigh as another glare passed between the two.

The tension in that coulda cut it with a knife. Chesh was getting defensive and protective of me but what was Moody Pants's problem? I guess he was just looking out for me. Aaw, I'll have to thank him for that some time. Chesh stopped purring so I scratched behind his ears again. Sylvester rolled his eyes as Chesh's tail twitched.

"Hey, I know! We should have a party. Y'know, that way everyone gets to meet everyone, it'll maybe cheer Asha up. Hell, maybe it'll even cheer you up" I said to Sylvester with a wink.

"I like parties" Chesh said. It felt like he was falling asleep against my leg.

"Aaw, thanks, hon. You're up for it, right?" I asked Sylvester with a grin.

The End

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