Sylvester: The cat in the night

I had sensed she was still awake. I knew many in the mansion had forgiven her, but I was afraid that some had not. I found her in the living room, just listening to music. Before I had the chance to explain myself, she said, “Look, don't worry about it, its not important. I want to thank you, for earlier. You were right. Correct me if I'm wrong but I got the feeling that you understood more than a lot of people did. Either way, I want you to know that if there is anything, you can talk to me anytime. I'm not exactly going to be going out there for a while so I'll be hanging around here a lot. If this lot can forgive what I did, I'm sure they can forgive you. Like you said, we might all be damned, but it doesn’t mean we can’t step into the light.”

She touched my shoulder lightly and I jumped. I think I thanked her before I got up to leave. I stayed in the hallway a while to watch her. No one had suspected her of being the Shadow, and I certainly would never have guessed it. After a few moments she got up and left. I wondered if anyone suspected anything of me as I walked slowly back towards room 18. I paused at Aria’s door for a moment, wondering if she was sleeping or not. If I was going to tell anyone, I think Aria deserved to know first… but no; it could wait for another time. I went to sit on my bed until morning when suddenly I heard a creak outside my door, and then a gentle tap.

I got cautiously to my feet and, preparing myself, flung open the door. A strange man, vampire if you had to call it something, was standing there, and seemed as taken aback upon seeing me as I was of him. I looked him up and down and then asked him what he wanted.

“Nothing – wrong room.” He made a move for room 17 – Aria.

I grabbed his arm and growled, “Who the hell are you?”

I saw his eyes flash in the darkness and then suddenly he revealed a set of claws and fangs far sharper than anything I’d ever seen. I loosened my grip and just as I was about to refine my question to ‘what’ the hell he was, Aria’s door opened and for a moment there was complete silence.

“Chesh!” She cried, and threw herself at him. His fangs were now bared in a smile as opposed to a hiss of anger, and he hugged her back. “What are you doing here?”

The End

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