The Cheshire Cat: Information & Introduction

I'm not like other vampires. I'm descended from purebloods. And shapeshifters. Somewhere along the line, the two bloodlines mutated and the children were born part animal. I inherited the cat gene. My sister inherited different.

The first thing people notice about me is my ears. Roughly on the top of my head are a pair of cat ears. My hair is black and hangs over my right eye. It hangs down over my human ears (well, four ears would look a little odd) and is spikier than it probably should be. My fangs, which are always present, are sharper than any vampires. After all, I am part cat. The eye you can see is the colour of plum wine. I've got claws but don't let them get that sharp. Although lately I've let them grow a little sharper than normal. I tend to keep my tail out of the way, too many people stepped on it. I've been thinking about leaving it out again, though, as a memory of better times. And finally, around my neck I always wear a bell around my neck. It was a present from my sister, a present from... better days.

 I stumbled across Vampire Mansion in my search for the few last Council members that let what happen to my sister occur. It smelt heavily of vampires but more importantly, it smelt of her. Of Aria. A smile danced across my face as I walked inside. A human girl ran past. I resisted the urge to follow her, she wasn't my prey, and headed further into the room. There were four vampires in a room that smelt of blood. Aria's scent lead up the stairs. I followed. The closer I got to her, the more her scent mingled with another. A male. There were two rooms which could have been hers. I didn't want to go back to the lobby and risk being seen so I took a guess and tapped the door of Room 18 with one of my claws. The door opened and I was faced with the male who's scent had mixed with Aria's.

The End

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