Asha: If Three's A Crowd, What Does That Make Five?

Jay walked in, saying hi to both me and Ana. He smiled at me, I smiled back. I hadn't forgotten earlier. He came to sit by me, and I leaned on him, feeling relaxed for a change. He put his arms round me. Ana looked uncomfortable at seeing us together, and I felt bad for her.

Man trouble I bet. Damn..

"Ana, didn't I see you in the hall earlier?"

She shook her head "That must have been my twin Ema" she said, still quiet, her violet eyes averted.

I felt really bad for her. I wanted to help but I couldn't think what to say, especially with Jay there. Then Sasha wandered in. I smiled brightly at her.

"Hey there," I said to her "What you doing up? Thought you had gone to bed?"

"I did, but I couldn't sleep" she said, sounding sleepy "Mind if I sit with you guys?"

I glanced at Ana, but she didn't move "I don't see why not"

We all got chatting, with Ana saying very little. I wanted to talk to her alone, but the other two kind of stopped that. To make matters worse, we got another person joining us. I didn't know him but Ana evidently did. She shot off her chair, knocking it to the floor. Her face was totally white. Pushing past this guy, she ran out the room.

"Ana!" he yelled after her, before slumping in pain in the doorway. I got up, and helped him to a chair.

"I have to go..explain.." he began

"No way, " I said firmly "You're going to rest for a minute, have a drink and tell us what's happened to you"

The End

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