Asha: Taking Down The Walls

I was sitting in the living room, alone, just looking out the window and listening to some music. The forest was dark and  Since I was no longer injured, I didn't need to sleep. I sensed Sylvester come into the room. I took out my headphones, and looked round. He was just standing there looking feirce as always but oddly lost too. I swung my legs round, making space next to me.

"Whats up?" I asked indicating the space next to me.

He sat down with a sigh.

"How come you're not asleep like the rest?" he asked

"I don't need it unless I'm injured really" I said modestly, "How about you?"

He didn't say anything back. I got the impression he wasn't used to having people around.

"Look, don't worry about it, its not important. I want to thank you, for earlier. You were right. Correct me if I'm wrong but I got the feeling that you understood more than a lot of people did."  He didn't respond to that, just looked at me. "Either way, I want you to know that if there is anything, you can talk to me anytime. I'm not exactly going to be going out there for a while so I'll be hanging around here a lot. If this lot can forgive what I did, I'm sure they can forgive you. Like you said, we might all be damned, but it odesn't mean we can;t step into the light. " I touched his shoulder lightly, and he jumped as though I'd shocked him.

"Thanks Asha," he replied quietly "I'll bear that in mind"

With that he went off again

I hope he realises that I genuinely meant that. I hope he knows he's got at least one friend here.

I went back to staring out at the night but Sylvester's odd mood had made me restless so I went for a walk, ending up in a celler. In there was a vampire girl, hugging her legs. She looked frozen, exhausted and really upset.

"Hey," I said slightly awkwardly, sitting opposite her. "Are you ok?"

She shook her head mutely.

"Come on, " I said, a bit more brightly, "I don't know about you, but I haven't fed in a while. Why don't you join me in the kitchen? Its freezing down here, and at least the chairs in there are more comfy than this floor"

She didn't move, but when I held out my hand, she took it, hauling herself up. I smiled at her.

"I don't know if you know me already but I'm Asha"

"Ana" she said, really quietly.

We got to the kitchen quickly and I got a bottle down, with some glasses. I filled them generously and passed the bigger one to Ana.

"I won't push you or anything but if you want to talk to me, I'll listen" I said to her.

It was at that point the door opened.

Is no one asleep tonight?

The End

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