Sylvester: Asha?!

“Aria, be serious.” I sighed. I was most definitely not ‘crushing on Asha’.

“…But who am I to interrupt the path of love right?” She spun in a circle, allowing her arms to float up to her sides.

“You’re starting to sound like a hippie.” I told her bitterly, but she simply stopped spinning and asked me whether I’d ever drunk from a hippie. They taste like swamp water apparently.

“No, Aria, I haven’t ever drunk from a hippie.”

“Good thing.” She faked a gag.

Finally I got the key in the lock and turned it. Pushing the door open a crack, I hesitated and then turned back to face Aria. I wanted to clear this up first. “I’m not happy because of Asha. I’m happy for her. Besides I have other people on my mind...”

She raised one eyebrow and then burst out. “Hey ya know that peck on the forehead was a joke right?! I ain’t interested in–”

I laughed for the first time in the mansion, and waved my hands. “I know, I know – I wasn’t talking about you!”

Just then another vampire approached us in the hallway; she had dark brown hair and eyes the colour of sunlight on water. Vampires were more beautiful than any humans I’ve ever met – I concluded then that it must have been the eyes. I was about to explain something to Aria, but the new vampire’s arrival stopped me. Aria lost interest quickly.

“Hi, I’m Aria! And this here is-”

I cut her off quickly before she had the chance to introduce me as ‘Mr. Moody Pants’, or whatever other nicknames she had in store for me, and nodded at the new girl. “I’m Sylvester.”

“Harmony.” There was silence for a moment but then she held up her room key. “Room 20 around here somewhere?”

“Oh yeah,” I pointed to the door after mine. “20’s just there.”

She smiled in thanks and carried on. Aria raised both her eyebrows at me this time and pointed discreetly in the direction of Harmony. “What about her?” She whispered, smirking.

“No!” I hissed and retreated to my room.

The End

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